About the Women of Su Misura Journeys

We are two New York City based women with a solid Italian heritage and a global perspective fostered by many years of international travel. We are driven by a fundamental love of life and a voracious appetite for new experiences.

Gabriella’s parents, a seamstress and an Italian Consulate representative, would travel to her hometown in Italy every summer where their suits, dresses and shirts were made by hand and ‘su misura.’ Norma’s parents taught her that preparing and serving exquisite meals in their Greenwich Village restaurant was an art unto itself. 

Instilled with an artisan sensibility, we both learned early on that the line of a well-cut jacket or the subtle flavorings in a ‘pappa al pomodoro’ were all part of an experiential mosaic one could only classify as what it means to be Italian.

Our inspiration for Su Misura came from this and more. From a business trip to launch a Tuscan-inspired fragrance. From international business conferences where women came together to problem-solve, strategize and make things happen. Mostly, it came from our connection-bonded by our mutual appreciation for Italian style and for savoring each day’s simplest pleasures. Please join us! We’re great fun to travel with.