Elio's Florence

“There are places that have been here for centuries and come alive with each subsequent visit.  One never tires of them.  Artisanship is a dynamic art form.  It is at once beautiful, practical, and necessary.”

If Elio were to guide you through his Florence, he would take your hand and weave you through a tapestry of history and great beauty.  Such as . . . 

La Scuola del Cuoio

The largest artisan laboratory in the city, founded by the Gori family and the Franciscan friars, inside a Renaissance workshop setting frescoed by Ghirlandaio. Observe the skilled master craftsmen and apprentices from all over the world at work, and witness first-hand this remarkable family’s commitment to heritage, education, and philanthropy.

Stefano Bemer

For twenty-nine years the expert hands of Stefano Bemer crafted handmade men’s shoes of uncompromising beauty and comfort. In spite of his untimely passing, Bemer’s influence remains evident in the skilled, principled craftsmen he mentored. And in true Florentine spirit, La Scuola del Cuoio and Tommaso Melani have taken up the mantle, determined to evolve that legacy.


Simone Taddei, one of the few independent leather craftsmen in Florence, molds leather the way a sculptor shapes stone. It takes him twenty-two days to make a small box. Commissioned desk sets require many months. Tel: 39 055 239 8960

Lorenzo Villoresi

In his studio overlooking the rooftops of Florence, Lorenzo Villoresi composes perfumes inspired by Tuscany, by his travels through the souks and markets of the Middle East, and by the legacy of Catherine de Medici, later Queen of France. It was under her tutelage that Florentine perfumery evolved into a true art, the most prestigious in all of Europe. Enter this master perfumer’s workshop and embark on an unforgettable olfactory journey.

Dr. Vranjes

With names like Gardens of Florence, The Spiced Romantics and The Elegant Flowerings, Dr. Vranjes’s essences pay homage to the art, nature and Renaissance heritage of his beloved city. His bespoke amber environmental scent for the JK Place will evoke vivid memories and transport you back to your time there.