What is Bespoke?

There was a time when the well heeled would visit their Savile Row tailors and select a bolt of fabric for their made-to-measure suits. This fabric was technically spoken for, hence the term ‘bespoke’.

Our mission at Su Misura is to custom – tailor original and personal bespoke itineraries that mirror the high sartorial standards of a made-to-measure ‘bespoke’ garment. 

We start with the same three essentials: 

    Our personal and time- honored relationships in Italy are the fabric and the foundation of every Su Misura journey. 
  • FIT 
    Su Misura’s made-to-measure itineraries fit and feel exactly as you want them to from the moment you step into an exquisitely intimate boutique hotel, a private sculpture studio, or a gelateria where only locals gather.
    Italian style is in the distinguishing, and often unexpected detail, whether it be a sprinkle of bittersweet chocolate on a cappuccino, a perfectly rolled lapel, or a whimsical bow on a handcrafted pump.

Su Misura Master Itinerary … Your starting point

We’ve crafted this preliminary itinerary in collaboration with Florence’s master artisans and style masters. It’s built around the authenticating sensory experiences that take you deep into the heart of the Florentine way of life.

Perhaps you want to add a cooking class, a bike trip, a full day at the outlets, an in-depth tour of the Bargello, or a field trip to one of Tuscany’s enchanting hill towns. 

Perhaps you have an original travel experience in mind, one you have never seen on an itinerary. Let’s discuss that too and help you turn your life’s dream into reality.

Su Misura’s on-site teams are always on the lookout for the edgy, the unexpected, and the finishing touches that will make your journey unforgettable. With bespoke all is possible.

Our commitment to you … 

It’s all in the name. ‘Su Misura’ is your own exclusive journey. 

And it is our mission to deliver a Su Misura itinerary that follows the pattern of a quality made-to-measure garment or an expertly prepared meal. The way a tailor starts with the finest fabric, and a chef with the freshest ingredients, we start with Tuscany’s sensory treasures and end, through the practiced hand of the Florentine artisan, with a journey of a lifetime.


Why Bespoke?

Bespoke lets you allocate your time the way you want to. Want more museum time or less? A different tour of Santa Croce? A short wine bar and small plates break instead of a formal dinner? A leisurely bike ride instead of group sightseeing? Or a ‘behind the scenes’ visit to an undiscovered locale?

Bespoke allows you push the boundaries and to realize the travel journeys of your dreams without the limitations of conventional travel. 

Your bespoke experience can be as luxurious or as rustic as you want it to be. Edgy or traditional, or a typically Florentine combination of the two. 


How does the process work? 

Review the master itinerary on the website and contact us at to express your interest.

We’ll send you a short on-line questionnaire regarding preferred travel dates, group size, itinerary changes, budget and preferences.

Once we receive your completed questionnaire we will schedule a phone call to discuss your requirements in more depth and determine how to proceed to customize your Su Misura journey. 

We’ll prepare a proposed itinerary with estimated pricing for your review. A modest and non-refundable consulting fee will apply. You will be advised of this fee up-front and it will be deducted from the final cost of your trip.

We’ll send you an initial proposal within one week and schedule a call to review any revisions or changes.

Once you and all members of your group have approved the itinerary, you will send in the appropriate paperwork and deposit so we can book accommodations, artisan visits, stylists and bespoke design consultations, luxury transport, etc. 


I would love to do a bespoke program with my women friends but would also like to include my significant other in some way.

That’s why ‘bespoke’ is the way to go. You can combine two vacations into one. Travel with your women friends, or sign up alone and we’ll gather a small group of like-minded women travelers to join you for the Florence fashion portion of the trip. 

Then meet up with your significant other afterwards, for a couple’s weekend in or outside the city. We can make those arrangements for you. You may want to consider a spa, a special evening at the new opera house. Castiglion del Bosco, by the way, is ideal for singles, couples, families, friends, and will give you the cooking school, the spa, biking, golf courses, winery tours, and fine dining, all in one gorgeous setting!

Maybe you and your friends have talked about renting a villa in the countryside. How about a villa in the center of one of the world’s most enchanting and fashion-forward cities?

With Su Misura you’ll stay in luxurious boutique properties that become your personal homes in Florence, complete with five-star hotel amenities, gracious concierge, private butler services, and immediate access to the glittering city just outside your front door. Bespoke allows you those options.


What is the minimum/maximum group size?

We travel with a group size of no fewer than 6, and no greater than 18.

We do make an exception where a large family/friends reunion or business group comprises 20 people or so. 

In that case, with sufficient advance booking, we can create the ultimate ‘Su Misura’ experience in the most beautiful boutique hotel in the city.

This hotel, which has 20 rooms, some of which are suites or duplexes, becomes your groups’ personal home in Florence complete with five star amenities for your group and your group alone. We call this ‘Su Misura’ Platinum, and it is an experience like none other. For further information contact us at For a group this size we would definitely require booking eight months or more in advance. One year ahead is ideal.


I see the Su Misura master itinerary is ten days? Can my trip be shorter or longer?

Absolutely. The master itinerary is your starting point. The days and times can be altered to suit your schedule


Is there a minimum/maximum length of time for a tour? 

Yes. Five-day minimum. Fourteen days maximum.

We require a minimum of five days of accommodations and guided sightseeing for all tours, regardless of length.


What time of year should I book my travel?

We are now booking for Fall 2013. The absolute best months for travel to Florence are April, May, mid-September through end of November. The fall months, with the vendemmia and the olive oil harvest are magical. And we’ve had some initial requests regarding the Christmas holidays.

We also find we get far better rates, more varied travel options, greater flexibility and access during spring and fall.


How are costs determined and are bespoke travel programs far more expensive than traditional escorted tours?

Since each itinerary is different it’s difficult to give a specific price quote. Through our contacts and special relationships in Florence we are able to negotiate the most favorable rates for our guests. We always aim for the best-cost benefit/value ratio. 

Bespoke travel costs may be higher or lower than traditional escorted tours depending on the activities and services you select. We even offer a Su Misura Personal Concierge service for travelers who want the ultimate luxury experience. Your voyage can be as luxurious, as exclusive, or as low key as you want it to be. 

The key benefit in bespoke is that you don’t end up paying for escorted tours you later choose to opt out of, or for excursions you’re only mildly interested in.


Will you be doing trips to other parts of Italy?

Absolutely. We are currently looking at some exciting new programs for 2014. Check our website frequently for updates, or contact us at