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Fairweather Magazine—Summer 2014—"Intimate Italy," page 2

Fairweather Magazine—Summer 2014—”Intimate Italy,” page 2

In researching ‘The Artisan’s” Star, especially in conversations with my Italian family, and the ever resourceful people of Florence I came upon a revelation.  And it may not be a revelation to those more astute than I but it was a revelation nonetheless. In today’s fast paced and ever more electronic world there are numerous stories about how one must escape one’s responsibilities, take off for a contemplative spot -a Caribbean island perhaps.  I would opt for a quiet cove in Capri.  There is much to be said for this.  It allows us to take a deep breath, think, create, discover solutions.

There is another way however, one which is much more realistic for most of us.  Do as the Italians do; create those special moments as part of , not separate from, one’s daily challenges and responsibilities.Enjoy that morning espresso for a minute longer. Walk to work, across a park if you can, talk to the barista, notice everything around you.  When you’re rushing to make dinner in the evening enjoy what you touch and chop up, play music, sip a wine.  Build sensory pleasures into everything you do.  Fresh flowers on your desk, a note on beautiful stationary.  Don’t wait for that expensive vacation you will stress about paying for much later.  Live now and in the moment.  You are the artisan of your own life, craft it to be beautiful and memorable.

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Gabriella Contestabile is an author, educator, and owner of SU MISURA JOURNEYS, a boutique travel company connecting people to the artisans of Florence. She emigrated, with her parents, from Italy to New York City in 1959. In her pre-writer life, she worked as a foreign language teacher, management development specialist, and fragrance/cosmetics executive. Gabriella is a strong advocate of the arts, of multiculturalism, and of social justice—a passion inspired by reading Dickens and Dante at a very young age. She lives on the Upper West Side with her husband, her daughter, and a furry Shih–Tzu named Oreo. ‘ The Artisan’s Star’ is her first novel. She is currently working on a collection of short stories, also set in Italy, and a screenplay.

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