Romina's Florence

Where do you go to look at art if you’re a young Florentine, like Romina, who’s blessedly been to the Uffizi, the Accademia and the Bargello many times over?

You might hang out with your friends on outdoor couches in the courtyard at Palazzo Strozzi over drinks and antipasti from Caffè Giacosa, take in one of the free concerts or movie nights, or wander through gallery exhibits.

You might put on a headset and listen to oral histories about the daily lives of people in 1930s Italy during Fascism, or watch a video art re-enactment of the restoration of a work of art damaged during the 1966 flood.

At the Alinari Museum of Photography, you will visit your favorite room with all the cool old cameras, wander through exhibits of original vintage materials, a chronology of evolving techniques, the works of your most admired Italian and international photographers.

At the Museo Marino Marini you will fully experience the brilliant statue calde scultura-corpo-azione. Translation: the warm statues sculpture-body-action. You the viewer can’t stay a viewer for long, instead quickly encouraged to participate. Since you’re interested in cutting edge artists of international fame, you’ll make frequent visits to the Galleria Poggiali e Forconi. You were especially fond of the single person photography like Youseff Nabil’s Self-Portrait at Night and Davide Bramante’s “L’Ultima New York.”